Project 365, Sort of

For those who haven't been paying attention, I've missed a few days. Four or five at last count. I tried, really I did, but life got in the way, and none of it was camera-worthy. Laundry, cold snaps, rainy days, and vacuuming... there are some parts of life I am just not that eager to document.

I considered giving up on the whole project, but that seemed like a juvenile response and was purely driven by frustration. So I am just going to revamp my own personal definition of Project 365. I am going to take 365 pictures. I am going to take a picture a day on every day that I can remember to do so until I have 365 pictures. At the rate I am currently remembering/forgetting, that should put me at the project's end sometime in February of next year. That's not so bad.

In the meantime, I have LOTS of other things keeping me busy. I am assembling a collection of digital scrapbooking supplies that I hope to have available for sale soon. I'll let you know more when I am closer to a reveal.

Thanks for listening/reading. I hope you all are doing better with your Project 365 than I am!

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